O365 – Tenant Name Checker

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work on quite a few Office 365 migrations and setups. This post covers somethings that I have found useful to ensuring a successful migration and making day 2 operations easier.

Picking the Name

So the tenant name (contoso.onmicrosoft.com) does’t show up in too many places but it will be visible to some users. Mainly when you are looking at Team sites or SharePoint, but also in the aliases for hybrid setups. Bottom line you won’t have to type it in all the time but you probably don’t want to pick something like (myfavpet.onmicrosoft.com) because someone will eventually ask and you can’t change it, ever. This tool will let you quickly check the available tenant names without having to go through the setup processes, you can send this over to the people that care and get them to pick the name for you. As you can see myfavpet is available and ready for your new migration 🙂

link: https://o365.rocks/

*I’m not sure exactly who the source is, but thank you to who ever is working at NOBL.TECH that created this!

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